The combination of multiple wheels provides theatre, drama and group engagement that results in extraordinary presence on the gaming floor. Baccarat and Punto Banco style games can be offered in a unique way with our exciting double wheel product. Our solution involves linked wheels, technology enabled tables and stunning digital feature graphics.

The thrill of the traditional format remains, however with reduced complexity in the eye of the customer, the barriers to playing are greatly reduced.

In an increasingly digital savvy world, our combination of the physical and digital formats of dual triple wheel games, entice both the traditional players and the technologically aware but complexity shy customers.


Luck and Fortune (運氣) has been created to give the player a game that can have the excitement of Baccarat with more betting opportunities and without the worries of the drawing rules. With Luck and Fortune there are no card drawing rules.

Both ‘Luck’ and ‘Fortune’s score is based on the outcome of the sum of the three ‘cards’. The final score for ‘Luck’ is created by the value of a card selected from each of the three wheels of a ‘triple wheel.’ The same applies to attain the final score for ‘Fortune’ on a second wheel. Both ‘Luck’ and ‘Fortune’ are paid at even money with exception of when either ‘Luck’ or ‘Fortune’ win and the other side has zero, then they are paid at the odds of 1 to 2.

In addition, players can bet on the result as a ‘Standoff’ - this is when both the final scores for ‘Luck’ and ‘Fortune’ are equal. ‘Standoff’ is paid at 8 to 1.
Players can also bet on the actual winning score; to win the player must place a bet on one or more of the three betting positions (on either ‘Luck’ or ‘Fortune’). The bets cover three possible outcomes - a win with 1, 2, or 3, a win with 4, 5 or 6, and a win with 7, 8 or 9.