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Colors Triple Wheel has the potential to be one of the most exciting games to enter the gaming industry in many years - players will be spellbound waiting for the result of each of the three wheels. To experience the game yourself, play online now for fun.

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DICE Triple Wheel is a fascinating new way to play a game of dice. It combines the variation of complex card games with the mesmeric attraction of roulette style wheel based result delivery. All of that comes without the off putting complexity. We know you will love it... Play online now for free now.

Luck and Fortune
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Luck and Fortune (運氣) has been created to give the player a game that can have the excitement of Baccarat with more betting opportunities and without the worries of the drawing rules. With Luck and Fortune there are no card drawing rules. Play online now and experience the thrill of gambling in a multi reel, multi game environment for free.